Video: Breaking the autism glass ceiling

Dalia Shkedy

My son, Ethan is a 17-year-old nonverbal boy with autism and verbal apraxia. At the age of 10, the experts said he would never read, write, or do math.

Today, Ethan is doing advanced math including algebra. His reading comprehension is amazing, his handwriting is legible and improving daily, and he types 65 words a minute independently.

Please share Ethan’s story and help spread the message of hope and show that there are other ways to work with our kids.

Many parents of children with special needs have been told by the experts that there is no hope for their children they will never be able to ________ (fill in the blank). It is for these parents that we created this video full of hope and inspiration. Ethan was one of these children, told by the “experts” after conventional methods did not seem to be working, that Ethan would never read, write, or do ordinary academics. His goal in life would be to learn life skills only. Ethan has proved them wrong! Through hard work, patience, and an alternative teaching strategy that begins with believing the child can learn and thinking outside the “conventional” box, Ethan has learned what was deemed impossible.

I hope my son’s story will inspire the education system to change the way they view kids with autism, especially the non verbal.

Verbal ability does not equal intelligence!

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