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Getting my autism diagnosis and dropping my mask


My name is Carrie and I was diagnosed at the age of 35. At first I struggled to accept the diagnosis but now I am proud of what I have achieved. I am learning what autism means for me and working hard to drop my mask. Early life When I was four years old a speech therapist told my mother that my inability to speak would right itself. A GP told her not to worry about my severe sleep problems and that I was simply a fussy eater for only eating jam sandwiches and yogurt. The self-harm and eating disord ..

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Autism Parenting Summit
California - United States
Apr-20-2021 - 05:00 am
LEARN HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD THRIVE! Joins us for the Autism Parenting Summit From the comfort of your home, navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum and learn ..
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