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Our mission and goals

The mission of Autism Support Network is conveyed in our tagline: connect, guide and unite.
Our goal is to short-cut the uphill battle individuals and families undertake when faced with autism – whether that means the initial diagnosis, the day-to-day living and coping needed, relationship and therapeutic strategies and the latest information.

Our support community, which is free for anyone to join, is intended to further reduce the need to “reinvent the wheel” and collectively pool global knowledge and support from all those touched by ASD wherever they might live.

We all experience frustration and can feel isolation in our journeys with ASD. The Autism Support Network is designed as a place by those living with ASD for those with ASD and those seeking social connection, peer guidance and a feeling of community with those that understand.

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Autism Support Network
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Fairfield, CT 06824 (USA)
Tel: (203) 404-4929
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Our Support Community

Join our free support community and connect with thousands of other families and individuals touched by ASD. Find out what’s working for others, coping strategies, and life guides from others living what you’re going through now. Click here to join for free!