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My son's autism made me fearsome


On a hot September afternoon in 2001, my son was born. ‘My little boy,’ I said, and the words felt wonderful. I was 39 when I had George*. The pregnancy had been tricky, but here he was in my arms, rosy and beautiful. I assumed that motherhood would make me gentler. Kinder. Calmer. I was wrong. Fast-forward five years and my son, still beautiful, still rosy, is in a room in a clinic. I’m sitting on a hard, plastic chair alongside his father, while our 18-month-old daughter Flora* plays at our feet ..

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West Coast Autism Conference
McClellan (Sacramento), CA - United States
Oct-20-2016 - 08:15 am
Please join us for an incredible opportunity to learn with world-renowned autism experts, Dr. Jed Baker and Dr. Tony Attwood! Dr. Jed Baker is the Director of the Social ..
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