Pecs and timer resources


Looking for an easy flashcard application online to help with visual recognition, PECS, or non-verbal communication? Check out this web resource Mrs. Riley. If you're looking for a scheduler/timing device, you can also take a look at On Task

Mrs. Riley
Mrs. Riley was created so professionals, teachers, and parents could collaboratively make educational materials, starting with picture cards. If you've ever made a picture card with a custom image yourself, you know that it can be tedious. We understand and after going through it ourselves for so long, we decided to wrap the entire process into a single online application with these goals:

* Easier - Designed to make simple tasks simple.
* Faster - Sharing is built right in so it's often a matter of search and print.
* Cheaper - Pay for only what you need.

We also built Mrs. Riley to tap into people's work automatically. For instance, as you find images for cards, we make them accessable to all users. When you save a page, each of the cards on the page become individually searchable, and a deck of cards is created from the page. So as more people use Mrs. Riley, there is more to search through and work with, which saves everyone time.

On Task
On Task was developed so that parents and children could set up successful routines to get ready for school, set up for homework or after school activities, and settle into bedtime. It visually illustrates each task to be completed in a routine and breaks each task into the minutes it takes to complete. A child will always know what task he should be doing now, what should already be completed and what is coming up next. Please take a look at our website

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