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Want to chat in real time about autism? Looking to reach other aspies, auties or people looking for and seeking to give you support? Find out what chats are scheduled to take place and what they’re about or schedule and host your own chat! Click here to connect with others!

+ You need to install FLASH and then "allow" it in your web browser so that the chat login page will render.

+ You can also view / discuss things you'd like to see in chat / or improvements by visiting the Chat forum group here

+ Certain members of ASN are volunteer “operators” (aka moderators). Operators are not ASN employees nor does ASN represent any information or advice provided by operators to be of professional nature. Current operators include:

Father Tim
GG Rider

+ If you have any concerns about another person’s behaviour or language, please whisper to the moderator in the room so that they can deal with the matter. If there is no moderator in the room then ask the person to stop their actions, save the chat and let one of the moderators know about it as soon as you can.

+ Before whispering to another chatter please ask permission in the public room you are in first.

+ As a reminder, please do not give out personal information to anyone unless you feel totally safe in doing so, and NEVER give out any kind of financial information. Regard chat as a public forum where “anyone” might see what you are writing.

+ As an advance warning any member will automatically get banned for profanity.

+ All members in chat rooms should feel free to greet others entering chat.

+ If at any time one member wishes to speak privately to another member you can either go into another room or create a private room with or without a password.

+ Abusers of this service will be blocked (banned), and will no longer be able to use this service. You may be kicked out of chat or silenced as a first warning. The chat engine will also automatically kick you for 7 days for use of any of these words: fuck, fucker, shit, shithead, fuckface, cunt, fvcing, fvck, bitch - ASN reserves the right to amend this list at will.

+ Abuse of service includes any of the following:
- harassment of other users,
- name calling or swearing at other users,
- pornography,
- defamation, slander or libel,
- crime of any kind,
- arguments or rants that detract from the essential topic of the chat,
- religious or anti-religious rants,
- racism,
- violence,
- fraud
- posting spam (advertising of any other web site with purported claims, link or phone number)
- using nicknames or similar nicknames already in use by others (often called impostors or cloning)
- any other violation of the Terms of Service of ASN

+ In chat, as in real life, you will find people you do not like and those who don't like you. Use the BLOCK option.

+ While you may speak your opinion of someone, you may not swear at them or use name-calling. Say it once and move on.

+ If you dwell on or continue fighting with others, you will be silenced or removed from chat. Fighting between users often disturbs the other users and causes them to leave chat. If you do not like what someone is saying, BLOCK THEM.

+ Please keep in mind that ASN does not mediate disputes between users and is not concerned with the details of any dispute except that users follow these Terms of Service (TOS).

+ If you are banned, you may e-mail the administration to be un-banned, which is solely at the discretion of the webmaster. The webmaster's decision is final (there is no appeal). You may also be banned as a result of complaints from other users. In certain cases the webmaster may contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to have your account canceled if your abuse violates your ISP's Terms & Conditions.

+ Most bans are removed within 7 days, although, some bans may be kept indefinitely at the discretion of the webmaster.

ASN provides this site free of charge and undertakes no responsibility to review or screen any items that appear resulting from its use. ASN assumes no liability or responsibility for the content of any posting. This site is provided, “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Each user is responsible for complying with these terms of service. For full review of the Terms of Service, click here.

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