Video: Autism is a world (part 1)

Sue Rubin

"Autism Is A World" is a documentary about Sue Rubin, who is autistic. For 26 years, she has been on an extraordinary journey. Her unusual behavior led to a diagnosis of autism when she was four. Until age 13, she was believed to be mentally retarded. But then a new communication technique gave Sue the ability to connect with the world. Now, a junior in college with a top IQ, she is a tireless disability-rights activist, and an articulate guide in to a complex disorder.

Written by Sue Rubin and narrated by Julianna Margulies, Autism Is A World is a rare and compelling journey into Sue's mind, her daily world, and her struggle with autism.

Sue says she is sometimes her own worst nightmare. In this extraordinary film, Sue guides the audience through all that is special and usual about her life, providing an unflinching look at the world of autism.

Autism Is A World combines Sue’s courageous writing with a sensitive, dramatic reading by Margulies. Brought to life through Gerardine Wurzburg’s powerful filmmaking, this film offers a view of autism as it has rarely been seen--from the inside out.

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