A sister speaks out for her brother

Cecilia Wilson

My name is Cecilia and I have a brother named Aden and he's six; he was diagnosed with autism at age four. I often feel bad for him because he acts strangely, but I know it's because he has a disability. Once in a while friends will come over and they will laugh at him and it makes me really mad.

One day at school when I was in sixth grade, my mom and Aden came to pick me up from school and it was passing period. He was doing his little dance: twirling, jumping, yelling and skipping. Some kids came by and said, "Whats wrong with this kid, is he in ballet, because he looks super retarded." Aden got sad and hid behind me.

Today I'm in eighth grade, but I still feel bad for him; I will always feel bad. I learned something today, sort of like advice to all you out there: if you see any disabled or special needs kid being bullied or hurt, tell an adult or stand-up for them be a leader, hero, be a helpful\grateful person....DON'T BE A BYSTANDER!

To all of you who have friends or siblings like this, don't hate them: try and understand them, love them. Make good decisions, and be there for them. BE AMAZING FOR ALL THOSE IN NEED -- THEY WILL THANK YOU.

And finally from me, make them as happy as you are and tell them and yourself: STAY STRONG,BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED
Because everyone has talent and good in them; you just have to believe.

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