Mother helping her son "No Matter What"

Sandy Howarth

Steven was diagnosed as severely Autistic while we were living in Dubai. The diagnosis did not change the way I felt about him, rather my love for him made me determined to do everything I possibly could for him. We did everything together and I was ready to give it my best shot.

I gave up my career as an Interior Designer to devote my time to Steven and used my creative skills to produce materials to further encourage his learning. Dubai was lacking in what it had to offer towards teaching Steven so I educated myself on teaching strategies and the subject of Autism.

Seeing some progress in Steven’s abilities, I returned to the UK when Steven was six hoping it was the correct decision for him. Unfortunately, I have found that what I had hoped for Steven from the UK education system wasn't what it turned out to be. I battled with the Local Education Authority to obtain the provision that Steven needed and felt frustrated at the lack of educational support that he received. Steven has been in an educational setting provided by the LEA for the past eight years and made no progress. Therefore I have decided to teach him at home again on a full time basis. This is not an easy option for me but I feel that the system has failed him and I wish to provide Steven a chance to live and to show how much he is capable of achieving. Steven is now fifteen years old and I will be picking up from where we left off when he was last taught at home at the age of seven.

A lack of support from the education system led me to put my energy into writing and promoting "No Matter What" to help Steven and others in the same situation as myself. Through this book I want to help other parents to appreciate what they can achieve with their children through perseverance and love.

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