MIT doctor claims autism to afflict 50% of American children by 2025, glyphosate to blame

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Glyphosate may be the motivating factor for the autism rate increase projected by 2015. MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff said that half of the children in the United States will be born with autism in the next decade.

Autism and glyphosate are linked, according to Dr. Stepanie Seneff, and a host of other researchers who have studied the chemical, which is very popular with biotech giants like Monsanto and Syngenta.

Glyphosate can pass through breast milk and may cause an adverse health impact on a mother and her baby, according to a recent pilot study. Glyphosate is the primary active ingredient in Monsanto’s top-selling weed killer, Roundup, and is found in other pesticides and herbicides. The Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse study is the first such report to investigate the issue.

Dr. Seneff believes that urine tests show that Americans have 10 times the amount of glyphosate in their systems as their European counterparts. Glyphosate is a “deceptively simple molecule” that kills plant life by interrupting the shikimate pathway that pest plants (weeds) need to maneuver in order to survive, the MIT scientists explains. Since human cells do not possess the same pathway, biotech scientists and others in the health and agriculture fields think that it is safe to expose humans to glyphosate, the doctor contends.

The research team found “high” levels of glyphosate in three out of 10 breast milk test samples. The findings in the report indicate that the ingredient often used on genetically modified crops does indeed accumulate in human tissue. Dr. Seneff said the following.

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