Laserbeak man explores the mind and perspective of autism and humor


Tim Sharp is a 21 year old from Australia and has autism - and a professional artist / animator.

Tim was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. Such were Tim’s enormous difficulties that the doctor's advice was "that the best thing to do was put him away and forget about him." Rejecting the prognosis, intensive therapy began immediately and bravely Tim tried to overcome what was so terrifying and difficult for him.

Drawing was used as a way of helping Tim to communicate. At age 11 Tim invented Laser Beak Man who allows Tim to show the world his great sense of humor and intelligence as well as his quirky way of looking at life.

In June 2004 Tim was the only Australian selected by a jury in the young adult drawing category for the VSA (Very Special Arts) Festival in Washington DC. Founded 30 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith - sister of President John F. Kennedy - VSA is the largest art festival in the world for people with disabilities. Acceptance to the festival was an extraordinary achievement and the story of Tim's trip to Washington DC was told on the ABC's "Australian Story."

Exhibiting at the Sydney Opera House and the National Museum of Australia as well as Washington DC and New York, Tim's colorful art is very much in demand from international and Australian art collectors. A finalist for the Young Australian of the Year, Tim has also received many awards and extensive Australian and international media coverage.

Now Tim has had another dream come true, as 2010 begins with Laser Beak Man an 8 episodes animated series commencing on ABC3TV.

Art allows Tim to enjoy some of things he wants most in life, acceptance and inclusion, an encouraging word, a happy smile and friendship. The future is quite limited for Tim but Laser Beak Man is helping Tim build a brighter future for himself and step outside the loneliness of Autism.

To visit Tim's official Laserbeak Man site click here

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