Ink and art

Jeff Katz

I just got back from Office Max in Oneonta. Yesterday, I promised Nate that I would get him new ink cartridges for his printer and I like to follow through on promises. Nate goes through an enormous amount of ink; it’s his single biggest monthly expense. His printer is constantly spitting out documents: pictures of toilets, bathroom fixtures, Starbuck’s locations, Simpsons screen grabs, Disney filmographies. It never ends.

But his creation of these myriad documents and endless categorizing give him peace of mind and an outlet for his creativity. In the last few months, Nate has recycled old documents and created long rectangular pieces of original work: an infinite series of shopping malls. They are each little masterpieces of primitive art.

An art dealer friend of the family’s has marveled at Nate’s work. He firmly believes that Nate could have a show of his own and I agree. Nate’s talent in the visual arts is ultimately going to lead him to success, somehow, somewhere. His productivity puts the ant preparing for winter to shame. And it pours out smoothly and effortlessly.

I can’t wait until the day that Nate is introduced to the world. He’s gonna blow them away.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in Batman, “Wait ’till they get a load of Nate Katz.”

And I’m not joking.

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