An Indian mother's journey for her son with autism

Ritu Rassay

My son Akshat, 6.5, is autistic and we came to know about his autism when he was 2. We live in a country (India) where resources are limited, limited to some of the big cities. My entire world came to a standstill when I got to know the difficulties a person could have with autism. Akshat was my first and only child and I decided his name before he was born. His name means complete, totality. Now, it seems I had kept a wrong name for my son as so much is incomplete in him.

Time went on. We searched for many autism treatments and got to know about a three-month mother/child training program. I decided to do it along with my son. As the training went on, I learnt about ABA and other therapy treatments. It was time when my son was 4 years old. Gradually, I got confidence and came to know that a ray of hope was there. I started working with my son and he started giving me responses. That was the first time I realized, “yes something can happen.” There were times when the whole day I kept crying but now I am “thinking positive.” Still there are doubts in my mind, but days are changed now.

Then, I again did another mother/child training. This time my son’s age was 6. My son responded much better than before. I am also a changed mom now. My thinking has totally changed. It is very much logical and scientific now. It’s like Autism has shown me a path to see life in a different way.

In our city, there’s a parents’ group for those with autistic children. After getting the training, with the support of the mothers of other children, I have started a small activity class keeping in view the needs of these children.

Today, I feel very self content that I am working with my son as well as helping to those who need such type of help.

My ambition in life is to make my son independent.

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