Dad shares his love of music

Cameron Blackwell

My dad is the greatest! We do a lot of cool stuff together. He helps me with my homework and teaches me all about life. We talk about anything that is on our minds. We also laugh a lot!!

Some of my favorite memories of time spent with my dad include rides in the car where we can talk, going to concerts together, and performing in musical events together. I have developed a lot of my musical talents and interests because of my dad. We sing in choirs together, and I surprised him a year ago when we (Mom and I) got his original band trombone restored for a Christmas concert performance. For Christmas this past year, my mom got us front-row tickets to hear Chuck Mangione perform.

My dad is currently teaching me to drive. He cracks me up with stories of when he was my age and the goofy things he did. He encourages me to try all sorts of things. He teaches me that having Asperger Syndrome doesn’t have to stop me from trying and succeeding in anything I want to accomplish in life. He always says that his job as a dad is to be an “obstacle remover” for us kids. He means that he either tries to remove obstacles in our way or tries to help us find a way around the obstacles.

My dad works very hard and he tries to teach me the value of hard work. He sets a good example for me. I hope I can be just like my dad when I grow up!

Cameron Blackwell is a 15-year-old freshman at Jeffersonville (IN) H.S.

Courtesy of AAPC

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