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Autism and the promise of hope

Tulika Prasad

Let me state this at the start of this post--my son is one heck of autistic. What this means is that he has way too many autistic traits that make the possibility of him leading an independent life a little doubtful. Do I worry about it? Of course, I do. I worry myself sick thinking about it. I bawl my eyes out very often wondering what his future would look like. I am scared of losing sight of him even for a minute--not just outside of home but also at home. He needs that kind of supervision. I am hyper-vi ..

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Autism social support group for adults
N/A, AR - United States
Sep-22-2021 - 06:30 pm
This is a support group /socializing group for adults on the autism spectrum to meet and talk in a safe environment. The group meets once a month. The meeting meets ..
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