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The good, the bad and the ugly of autism

Tulika Prasad

Many have asked me how it felt when my son was diagnosed. I’ve tried thinking back to that moment and all I can see is a blur. I don’t remember that instant. I was probably numb and dumbfounded. I don’t recall any feeling going through my mind. That was how hard the diagnosis struck me. It was like a romance, but different... it left me dizzy and swept me off my feet except that the warm fuzzy feeling was missing. It gave me cold feet instead. As we grew with our son, we got to know autism closely, an ..

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9th World Rett Syndrome Congress
Surfers Paradise, QLD - Australia
Sep-30-2020 - 09:00 am
The Rett Syndrome Association of Australia (RSAA)email rettaust@bigpond.comwishes to draw attention to the fact that it is staging the 9th World Rett Syndrome Congress i ..
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