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My promise to never stop believing

Tulika Prasad

After my son’s diagnosis, our life changed in many ways. Visits to friends went down and trips to doctors and therapies shot up. The more we met various therapists, the more we learned how complex the process of a child’s development is. We now had a fancy word for everything our son did – sensory, proprioceptive, PICA, stimming, body mapping, crossing the midline, hand-eye coordination, and so many more that we never knew existed or hardly used in our daily language. We were now privy to a jargon tha ..

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9th World Rett Syndrome Congress
Surfers Paradise, QLD - Australia
Sep-30-2020 - 09:00 am
The Rett Syndrome Association of Australia (RSAA)email rettaust@bigpond.comwishes to draw attention to the fact that it is staging the 9th World Rett Syndrome Congress i ..
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