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Autism Awareness Month and.....Tetris

Miranda Steffen

April is autism awareness month. Im going to be real honest here, and tell you I think this is silly. At this point, everyone is pretty aware of autism. A handful of shows feature characters with autism, it’s in the news, and most everyone I know knows someone with autism. Well, i guess 100% of people *I* know knows someone with autism, but I digress… Maybe Im being a total curmudgeon about it because we are going through a rough patch. The patches of autism that you dont see on TV and that arent hap ..

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West Coast Autism Conference
McClellan (Sacramento), CA - United States
Oct-20-2016 - 08:15 am
Please join us for an incredible opportunity to learn with world-renowned autism experts, Dr. Jed Baker and Dr. Tony Attwood! Dr. Jed Baker is the Director of the Social ..
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