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The bigness of a small gesture

Lena Rivkin

There is no such thing as a little moment. Little moments are big moments, especially if you have a person with special needs in your life. Phillip, my profoundly autistic brother, has always been nonverbal. Like many other nonverbal people, Phillip communicates solely through behavior and actions. As a result, it is left to the family or caregivers to learn how to interpret their behavior. Our mother, an artist, constantly looked for innovative ways to connect and communicate with Phillip. As a ..

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West Coast Autism Conference
McClellan (Sacramento), CA - United States
Oct-20-2016 - 08:15 am
Please join us for an incredible opportunity to learn with world-renowned autism experts, Dr. Jed Baker and Dr. Tony Attwood! Dr. Jed Baker is the Director of the Social ..
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