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Autism – it's not all about genetics

Adrienne Murphy

It’s time to get Caoimh, my intensely autistic nine-year-old son, to bed. He runs around hyperactively, screeching and shouting. (Severe verbal dyspraxia means that the few spoken words he has are unintelligible to most people.) He rushes at his 12-year-old brother, Fiach, and slaps him hard on the back. I tell Fiach to run upstairs and lock himself into his bedroom. Furious, Caoimh chases Fiach up the stairs and kicks his locked door. His screams are nerve-shredding. I don’t want to give him more pa ..

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All Aspies Meet At Carmike Theater
Allentown, PA - United States
Jun-16-2014 - 06:30 pm
Change of plans, instead of meeting at my house, we will meet at the Carmike theater at Allentown and we will watch a movie that is scheduled to be watched and it would i ..
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