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The mommy therapist

Tulika Prasad

Like many autistic kids, my son has poor fine motor skills and it affects his everyday life a great deal. Getting into occupational therapy has been nothing short of a feat. You first need to almost invariable stand by in a 3-6 month waiting list. Once you get in, you get an hour a week and if your stars are all aligned right, maybe twice a week. Then comes the insurance which , in most cases, believes my child does not really need this therapy and if I use all the powers of the universe to convince them t ..

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Advance LA 2017 Conference: #CONNECT
Los Angeles, CA - United States
May-05-2017 - 07:00 am
The Help Group’s 2017 Advance LA Conference # CONNECT, features nationally prominent experts whose research and practice support young people with autism, learning diff ..
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