Thank you for paving the way

Cathy Blatnik

One of the most important things I have learned the longer I "travel," down this Autism "road," is that you need the support of a mom that has racked up a few more "miles," than you.

I met my friend, Mary, and in turn, her adult son, when I became a Board member of the Mid-Michigan Autism Association almost two years ago. It took us just a short amount of time before we really bonded. Her son is more than twice Dominic's age, but their personalities are very similar. Dominic is absolutely terrified of taking a shower, but Mary told me a while back about using a brush on his back to mimic the way the water will feel, so I know this will be the summer Dominic learns to take a shower!! Thank you Mary.

When Dominic had his first seizure and I found out her son had experienced them too, I felt even more bonded with her, she knows exactly how that feels. Thank you Mary.

This past weekend, I asked when she let her son go into a men's restroom by himself, mainly because I had a very negative experience recently taking Dominic into the women's restroom. Mary told me she first let her son go by himself at 10 years old, but stood right by the door. Well, this weekend, when I knew the men's restroom was empty, I let Dominic venture in by himself, but I stood right by the door! Thank you Mary.

Back in April, we "manned," an information table at a local 5K Race together.
Thank you, Mary.

Her son has "aged," out of the school system and ever since we met, she has voiced her concern about what would happen after that. When she told me that he was offered a part-time job, I was ecstatic. Hearing that awesome news, gives me hope that Dominic will be able to get a job when he too "ages," out of the school system. Thank you Mary for paving the way for me on this Autism "road."

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