Autism & "first blood" of the year

Emily Schaefer

The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 have been amazing for Dillon. The new medications have done wonders for his moods, aggressions, tantrums and other “out of control” behaviors. The house destruction has decreased significantly, and we have these new medications to thank.

Except now I believe his body has become use to the medication, and the aggression is beginning to return. Two days ago, Dillon had a major temper tantrum, one which we have not seen in a few months. Not only did he aggress, but he aggressed towards his father, which is rare even when he was having them daily. Dillon loves his father, and dad has a way of coaxing Dillon to calm down quicker than my mother and I. I was at work when this tantrum happened, and from my mother’s description, Dad took charge and put Dillon in his place, and then he was fine.

Today, Dillon got off the bus, and my boyfriend and I decided to take him to his apartment, where we have shaving cream, three rocking chairs and salt available 24/7. I changed Dillon out of his school clothes, put some meat and mountain dew in a bag and away we went. As soon as we started down the road Dillon began pinching my boyfriend on his arm. My boyfriend quickly became upset, and Dillon sat back in the backseat of the car as we continued to the bank. I needed to put money in to pay bills so I thought we would make a quick pit stop to deposit my tips from the week before and then be on our way.

While waiting for the banker to deposit my money, Dillon continued to pinch both my boyfriend and I. We became upset at his instant mood shift from content to unhappy. He then started kicking us with his shoes, and while we were trying to subdue the situation the banker lady asked if everything was all right. We stated yes, but please hurry with the deposit, which seemed like it took her forever to accomplish. I urged my boyfriend to take us back home, and cancel our trip to his house. I then played defense for my boyfriend while he drove rapidly home, weaving through traffic as I batted down Dillon’s hands and feet.

As soon as we arrived home, I told him to go to his room, and though he didn’t seem upset, I was furious. I know that sometimes my emotions get the best of me but I was excited to take him somewhere today and he hasn’t acted like this since the bad months last year. I was disappointed in him, and I knew he could tell. After a few minutes in his room, he came out and attacked my boyfriend, which sent him through the roof. He got angry and sent Dillon back to his room, while Dillon slapped the doors and walls on his way, and on entering his room sat down and started to beat the walls with his hands and feet.

After twenty minutes of no change in his aggression, I decided for safety reasons to administer the emergency medication, which should usually work within a few minutes. A half and hour went by and he still acted the same, so I administered another medication dosage to see if his would calm him down ( I’m allowed to give him three at one time, but I like to start small and work my way up if necessary). Finally I started to see a difference and he became calmer, so I left the room and went and sat down, while my boyfriend comforted me.

This is very disappointing, not only to see a slight decrease in his happiness but to have the attacks begin again. I was looking forward to taking him places and having fun with him. I can’t get too ahead of myself though, this is only the second time in a few days this has happened and if it happens again we are going back to the doctor. I refuse to go through the same situations I went through a few months ago, but after today I might be seeing those reoccurring situations more than I would like. The first blood of 2012 has been drawn; it can only go up from here.

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Courtesy of Emily Schaefer

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